domingo, 20 de maio de 2012


Last weekend  Africa/ Europe women met together with AICC Angola international christian church women for splendid training/ workshop featuring Action Natural Medicine ,ANAMED, led by Marianne Holzman, a missionary in Bie province.

  She opened the session with well-known story of the Good Samaritan who helped the  robbery victim who had been left by the side of the road to die.

   While others passed him by, the Good Samaritan administered first aid by cleasing his wounds with wine and then oil as a disinfectant. Grapes and oil-producing olives were readily available in Isreal.

This Bible story set the tone of the WONET session, namely to use natural healing agents that we have~ in our backyard~ We learned about the healing properties of the moringa tree which grows in Angola. Its leaves contain 7 times the Vitamin C of Orange 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the the potassium of bananas, 2 times the protein of yogurt, 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots and almost as much iron as spinach.

Here are pictures of common foods,fruits,and vegetables such as onions, galic, & papaya*pawpaw* and much more.

Natural Medicine in the tropics for treatment of common ailments and uses of some important plants in the tropics, Anamed (Action for Natural Medicine) is a christian organisation and network that aneble people in the tropics to become self-reliant as possible, particularly with regard to their health.

Anamed works with people of all faith who are committed to improve their health and that of their neighbours, region and country , The seminar was an eye opener to the natural God gift we human takes for granted, natural plants that contains vital vitamin and nutrient to treat common ailments the company is originally from Germany.

If we pay attention to our lifestyle, diet, sanitation and local environment we can make an enormous contribution to the good  health of our families,our pets and animals.

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