segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2012

Sneak peek of my new book ~Living My Life~

Sometimes Life can be so clue unforeseen circumstances daily life challenges terminal illness can be challenging unfortunately it`s inevitable in life it can also make life miserable and not worth living sadly some chose to give up easily without fighting while some never give up.
Ignorant can be deadly more than deadly disease.
Is your LIFE not precious to you that you dare not to fight and strive to live and enjoy it to the fullness no matter the circumstances?

~ As if the diagnosis is not enough, unstable job and arrogant business acquaintance Shawn made matter worst to David & His family but He proved to be courageous never give up even when life seemed unfair! He never quit! Not with a lovely and beautiful strong support Life partner like Ruth suddenly life turned ugly and unbearable, will David family ever live to enjoy their Lives? A must have book for everyone who Love to live life to fullness and never give in to the lies of devil who came to kill and destroy, but God came to give us life in abundance, just like the word of God says in John 10:10 Available at,creat space  online /off line book-stores nationwide!
go to this link and crab your copy at low rate before the offer goes up you will be glad you did, you`re review will be appreciated,Have awesome day.

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