segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012


O Lord, we have come to you with heavy heart comfort our nation, comfort the families that lost their father,mother,brother,sister,uncle.aunty,church leader(Rev) in the crash of sunday 3rd june 2012 that turned out to be really dark day in the country largest city of Lagos. We cried out to you O lord have mercy , what will you gain if we die and sink into the grave? can our dust praise you? can it tell of your faithfullness psalm 30:8-10, Hear us O Lord, have mercy on us help us O Lord.

                                    Some of the victms pics, sadly lost their lives in dana plane crash.RIP!
                                                           Flight, dana crew members

                           Rev Ayodeji cole/ wife Ngozi cole  leaving behind their 3 lovely kids.

                                                  Ada Nnewi my home girl,,,U.C

Maimuna Anyene husband,kids & mother all gone.

 Lt colonel chumbo ochigbo

Levi Ajuonoma NNPC spokes person/Ace broadcaster.

May God accept their souls Amen.

We are dying from grief ,our years are shortened by sadness,we are ignored as if we were dead, as were broken pot.I have heard the many rumors about us and we`re surrounded by terror, our enemies conspire against us plotting to take our life.Your favour,O Lord made us as secure as mountain, then you turned away from us and we was shattered.


Dana airline crash scene.

We are trusting on you, O Lord, saying "You are our God" our future is in You`re hands rescue us from those who hunt us down relentlessly,carelesslly and mis-management.
Let your favor shine on your servant, your unfailing love, rescue us. Don`t let us be disgraced, O Lord for we call out to You for help, let the wicked be disgraced, let them lie silent in the grave.
Silence their lying lips, those proud and arrogant lips that accuse the godly .
How great is the goodness You have stored up for those who fear you, you lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world.
You hide them in the shelter of your presence safe from those who conspire against them.
Praise God for He has shown us the wonders of His unfailing love, He kept us save when our city was under attack, in panic we cried out, "we`re cut off from the Lord" You  heard our cry for mercy and answer our call for help. Let your word in psalm 30:5 come to manifestation in our lives,weeping may endure for a night but joy come in the morning  I pray In the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

Let Your living water flow over my soul,
Let your Holy Spirit come and take control,
Of every situation that has troubled my mind,
All my cares and burdens on to you I roll.

Come now Holy Spirit and take control,
Hold me in your loving arms and make me whole,
Wipe away all doubt and fear and take my pride,
Draw me to your love and keep me by your side

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