segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012


I have many names
Some call me mistakes what choice do i have?
Some call me bad luck what choice do i have?
Some call me unwanted what choice do i have?
What is my fault?

You chose this part blame no one but yourself
Why do I have to pay the ultimate price?
This shouldn`t have happened had you been
More careful  You should have taking precaution
protection or something.

You`ve made your choice, you might be feeling guilty
Please don`t be hard on yourself no one is above
sin for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God except me
 the question remains for how long are you
Going to continue in sin for the grace to abide?

Heavenly angels are taken care of me
Though sometimes I felt that I am too
Tiny to survive in this place I would have
Love you`re tender loving care, but God
And his angels are taking care of me.

I`m the cutest thing they have ever seen

Innocent and blemish, yes without sin
My name is no more mistakes or
Unwanted pregnancy what an ugly name
call me
** ANGEL.**

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