quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012


A child are regarded to be a blessing regardless of the gender,however some parents
had taking prefering one gender  of a child over another to extreme,due to traditional, customs,family belief & personal choice,the urgent need for one gender over another, while for some it`s just for the fun of having one of each or the joy of knowing/experiencing what it`s feels like to raise boy/girl, well i have nothing against parent`s desiring one particular gender,
but my point is knowing when to draw a line between going too far,some had gone way out of control the article i read about indian parents unable to accept their child because they got a girl might be just misunderstanding between them and the hospital, but the incidents kept me thinking even though this might be mistake,the fact still remain that some parents prefer one child over another.
   Sadly this issue had gone out of control to extend many had  abandoned their child in the hospital for the mare reason of inability to have what they wanted,some spouse has accused their spouse for being responsible for their inability to have a particular gender,some has gone as far as getting marry to 2nd wife just to fulfil their selfish desire to have a heir.
A baby girl life is at stake simply because her parents prefer a boy.


This is heart-breaking and sad.

Let us cherish whatever we are blessed with boy/girl ,and count our self lucky blessed because many people are praying just to be parents children are blessing from God.

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